You can use this word in different contexts for example: if you are crazy, if you drop something, if you find out you’re having a kid etc. Just why isn’t there a definition of this.
Example one:

Girl: what!? You punched him!!
Boy: umm... yeahhh, he was flirting with you

Girl: he’s my brother, I was the one who asked him to get me a drink!!!
Boy: ohhhhhhh.....

Example 2:
Boy: what’s up cutie?
Girl: what? Did you say something?
Boy: yes cutie

Girl: bishh, go back to the friend zone

Boy: ughhhhh 😑

Example 3:

Girl: I hope I ain’t pregnant

Boy: we both home

Girl: let me see the results no

Boy: what does it say?
Girl: shiiiiiittttttt!! I’m pregnant!!!!!!
Boy: what!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

Girl: wake up, omg, I was just kidding

The story carrys on.

This is the different ways you can use the word “what”, as you can see in these plays that I , for some reason, can up with on the spot so they are weird.
Sorry I wrote the definition for the word what but I ain’t bothered to change this so yeah 😅😂 Just why??, Just what happened that made me forget that I’m defining the phrase “just what” (do you see what I did there, I just added the definition so that’s how you can use the phrase “just what”

I promise I’m not forgetful in real life.
by Funny & hilarious person March 17, 2018
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Is what you yes??
Did you whatever, whatever you I guess.?

Did you just..what?
by flipzy30 November 13, 2021
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When something interesting happened you, you want to tell your friends but then they hit you with the Ali A intro.
Madison: You won’t believe what just happened
Me: wait hold on hold on hold on *searches up Ali A intro earrape version on YouTube*
Me again: okay now repeat what you said
Madison: you won’t believe what just happened
*plays Ali A intro*
Madison: Fuuuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuuu
*Everyone in the voice chat laughing*
by Fireguy47 April 28, 2021
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