Danish is an all-around phenomenal guy. Danish wins all the girls hearts over with his. Danish is very sweet and comforting and will always do nice things for the ones he loves. Danish is also very protected, don't mess with his girl or he might get mad! Danish can be quite sensitive at times but is also very chill when it comes to jokes. Danish can be a calm, play it by the books type of guy but, he's also not afraid to have a little fun, you only live once! Danish is very passionate about the things he loves and does. Danish has an amazing good side and it is always great to be on it. If you get on his bad side, though, he also has a very BAD bad side. If you are loyal and caring to Danish, he will always be the same way back. If you are mean and rude to Danish, he is not afraid to let you know how he feels. Danish is also a good investor. Danish works hard to earn money and pay bills. Danish is also very smart and studies hard to ensure he will get a good job. Overall, Danish is one of the most amazing friends you could ever have.
Hello Katia, how is it dating a Danish?
Oh, Marino, it is just delightful dating Danish, he always keeps me high!
by MathO24 October 29, 2019
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People from Denmark. Also a language. Danish can also be used to describe a Pastry.
I am Danish because my father is from Denmark.
by Watsen September 24, 2007
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He's a very cute guy, being adored by girls at school. Can be mysterious yet awesome. Born on Valentine's Day, he is sooo perfect that girls sure gonna fall for him. He is an athletic person, brilliant and popular. Seldomly follow people that like him but very friendly towards hot girls. He also can be snobbish. His favourites are at sports and friends relationship. Used to wear spectacles but some Danish does not wear it. If he falls for you then you are very luvky to have him!
A : Wow, who is that guy? He is so charming!

B : Ouh, you dunno yet? That's Danish! The popular guy that sometimes sucks!
by #notabeauty January 19, 2018
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Danish is an adjective for cute.
Mike: Yo bro, check out the new girl.
John: Holy fuck man, shes so Danish!!!!!!
by Tegbir Sidhu December 7, 2012
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Danish is the language spoken in Denmark. Denmark holds 3 letters not known to many other countries but Sweeden and Norway: Æ is pronounced like the German Ä, Ø is pronouced abit like the German Ö, and Å not really like any other letter, but it reminds abit like Oh but not a long oh but fast.
Funny danish sentence, that foreingers always screw up: Rødgrød med økologisk fløde. Red porridge with organic cream.
by And F May 26, 2008
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The citizens and language of Denmark. Often used synonymous with "hot", "awesome" or just "genious".
1. So, is he hot?
-He is Danish.
-Oh, I see, nice going girl!

2. Is it genious or just very clever?
-Its Danish.
-OH, wow..I wish I was Danish too.
by bookworm2000 May 31, 2008
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Danish is the language spoken in Denmark. Many Norwegian and Swedish speakers also understand Danish.

Only few words differs from Norwegian, but the pronunciation is very different. You can say Danish is Norwegian spoken with your mouth full of mashed potatoes.
"Dude, the Norwegian guy ate mashed potatoes during our conversation. It sounded Danish"
by danishguy19 March 7, 2010
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