Describes a time and place where one does not give a shit if the correct spelling of the word calendar is used.
Here is the calender for the day

Stick your calender where the sun don't shine

"oi mate, you know what the date is?"

"No. I don't give a calender
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The act of calendaring. what a calendar does.
That Calendar on your desk is useless, all it does is calend...
by Chadd Sun December 14, 2008
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When someone is a perfectionist with the exact dates and times of everything and when you try to arrange a different time for something they will have a fit an complain that once its in the calendar, it cant be changed.
Lisa: Hey Jess, I cant have that brunch with you a family thing has come up and I really cant miss it.
Jess: What are you saying?
Lisa: I saying that we will have to re schedule.
Jess: But I wrote it in my calendar, my phone and my diary and it took me super long to plan this!
Lisa: Bye Jess.
Lisa: That girl needs help with all her calendering
by Pipsqueak101 January 14, 2019
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a calender could be in physical or mental form, but ultimatly defines a system of time parsioned into different sectors.
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
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when a person, usually male, divides his penis into 12 equal segments and labels them with the months of the year, starting with January at the tip. Each year that passes, the calender cock will be given a sacrificial virgin with a particularly tight minge. The calender cock must perform intercourse with said virgin once a day, thus gradually increasing the threshold for cock at the rate of 1 segment per month. some larger calender cocks can have the accuracy of weeks or in some extreme cases even to the day
Steve: Hey man, what month is it?

Delroy: I dunno lid ask the calender-cock innit

Steve: Hey Jauquim, what month is it?

Jauquim: September

Steve: Sweet!
by BradenBirk June 20, 2009
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A Calender based and made to revolve around Raves. Meaning it includes the dates and places of where any Raves would be.
EX: (Not real)The Rave Calender shows the following: Kandi Plane Oct, 25, 2005
by OrgyGlowstix July 27, 2008
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