A character from black butler who calls everyone unclean, unpure, unnecessary
'you are unclean, umpire, unnecessary, you shall be cleansed by the flames of God!' -ash landers
by Eijiro05 January 23, 2020
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after taking a shower (normally sports players) flipping your dick up to your belly button multiple times then cathing it in-between your legs
Dude after our sweet win i took a shower and did a no hander lander in one shot
by osama bin diesel April 21, 2011
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the perfect girl! shes tall and an athlete and beautiful and the most amazing girl you could ever meet:)
is that morgan landers? yeah man. damn shes gorgeous!!!
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(In Off-roading) One who thinks they are the greatest off-road driver in the world by driving in wide open muddy cornfields and other flat mud holes. Used as an insult by jeep owners who prefer narrow mountainous trails containing rock obstacles to mud, or directed towards hummer owners.

Also known as mall crawlers.
I wish these damn flat landers would shut up, they don't know what they are talking about.
by das ungeheuer January 23, 2009
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A smallish (4000) people public school in Greenwood SC. It is not a prestigious school by any means, it is division two and has a recently renovated sports complex. The school is below mediocre and it is typically lower middle class rednecks who go there. However, it is located on a lake, which is a bonus. Color is blue and mascot is the bear cat (which for those of you who don't know a bear cat is not a bear or a cat...it is a lesser panda technically) Four roommates instead of two and the only major diversity comes from the Colombian guys on the soccer team. Lander has no football team. It is approximately 70 percent girls and 30 percent men.
She scored a 1050 on her SAT so she is going to Lander University

Furman, Wofford, and USC rejected him so he decided he was going to lander.

Wooo! Go Bear cats...I am going to Lander.
by Annimation February 25, 2011
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Wait until the dead of night and she is sound asleep. Sit on her entire mug establishing the best seal possible. When she awakens and draws her first gasp of air (timing critical), bust ass as hard as possible. The resulting effect leaves her with a strong desire to remove a space helmet.
Christine pissed me off, so I launched a midnight lunar lander on her dumb ass.
by Saxdaddy February 1, 2008
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When you spill an entire wheel barrow full of concrete on the ground, then your boss/ girlfriend’s father tells you you have no upper body strength, then you blame the concrete truck driver even though he was just doing his job, then you have a full mental breakdown ruining your entire day, then get to go home early from work and take a nap but you’re still as irritable as you were before.
by Cole Lander July 2, 2020
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