the feeling you get in your stomach when the person you have a crush on walks into room
oh! nick just got here - i have got major butterflies right now!
by p April 28, 2004
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butterflies are typically known as tHE WORST AND BEST THING THAT CAN EVER HAPPEN TO YOU. (woo, okay, I'm good)

it usually feels like you're naseaous or sick (more times than none, actually).

depending on the person and situation, it could feel like an elephant prancing around in your stomach. if you've really got it bad, IT'S THE ENTIRE ZOO.
this guy named harry gives me major butterflies.

these butterflies won't leave me alone!
by shyghost July 3, 2014
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the nervous, anxious knots you get in your stomach when you talk with, think about, or are in the presence of the person you love, or like very, very much.

Contrary to popular belief, this incredible feeling cannot be cured with kisses, but do it anyway:D
Dave gives me butterflies whenever he tells me that he loves me.
by ILoveDave December 20, 2009
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The feeling you get when your crush is looking, talking or staring at you. Your hole world changes, and that feeling grows.
He gives me butterflies. I'm feeling butterflies in my stomach right now!
by justnow May 6, 2016
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The sensation of complete and total enjoyment when you are kissed (or in some cases, even acknowledged) by the object of your affection. Comprable to that of the sensation felt on a drop from a significant height (like on a rollercoaster).

Girl: James kissed me last night and it gave me butterflies.
by Linzi (A)//(E) February 17, 2009
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The feeling that one gets when talking to the person that they love with all of their heart and that person tells them that they are perfect(definition 8)
*Sam S. gave me butterflies when he told me that he loved me.
*I get butterflies whenever I see a box of Rice Krispies (not intended for all the understand)
*With the wonderful care of my doctor, Sam, the butterflies that he gives me can be relieved with kiss therapy.
by *Snap* December 23, 2004
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dull stomache spasms caused by nevousness or anxiety
I had butterflies in my gut just from looking at the crowd.
by Light Joker February 18, 2006
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