The past tense of the word, 'forget'. Meaning to have memory of a certain something or someone lost.
Thinking he had all his work finished, the young man went to sleep. But he forgot to finish his science project that was due tomorrow.
by a very tired girl December 21, 2011
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the past tense of forgot...when you're too hyper to think normal
when i left i forgotted to grab my stuff from the frig
by stingerjg March 23, 2005
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A JoJoke in where it states the original author of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Araki, forgot some necessary things that would've patched plot holes and even certain arcs.
Person 1: Why didn't Joseph in part 4 just use Hermit Purples spirit image ability to find Kira? And why did Golden Experience lose it's "heightened senses" punch effect?
Person 2: Araki forgot
by fat yosh October 30, 2018
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