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A name giving to the sweetest and kindest boy in the word. His voice gives those who talk to him butterflies, and eyes intently fall on him when he enters any room. He gives love and affection to those who they actually care for. They are willing to give everything up for the ones they love if they have to. They are very VERY sexy as well knowing just what to say to get a girl to go crazy for them.
girl 1; "Omg is that Lander?"
girl 2; "He's so fine, OMG"
by Cutie2014 March 22, 2023
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A tall, blondish,sweet and caring guy with the prettiest smile and the most beautiful eyes. He cares about his family and friends and is always there to protect anyone that needs to be. He is the hottest and sexiest man on earth and will melt your heart with his incredible smile and gorgeous laugh. He'll always be there for you if you need someone to vent to or just to be there for you
Girl 1"omg it's Kaden he's so sweet"
Girl 2"yea I bet he's packing too lol"
by Cutie2014 July 1, 2021
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