The word you use in your English essay to replace either affect or effect because you're a piece of celery that's to stupid to figure out which is the proper one to use.
The lack of frogs in the forest has a major AFFECT on the ecosystem?
The lack of frogs in the forest has a major EFFECT on the ecosystem?
The lack of frogs in the forest has a major impact on the ecosystem.
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an organization that offers classes to teach women, men, and children how to defend themselves against assailants. the training is full-force, real life situations, with a padded, suited mugger. Impact also teaches the psychology of predators, and how to defend oneself verbally. there are impact organizations in LA, Japan, the Bay area, australia, and many more.
When the man tried to mug Molly, she used the techniques she had learned in impact classes to defend herself and save her life.
by iwillremainanonymous June 19, 2007
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1. toilet paper

2. Something covered in shit

3. Written Verbal diarrhea!
1. Pass me Impact, I'm off to the bog!

2. That Impact is a soiled rag!

3. Man that's shit - have you been reading Impact again?
by Uncle Yusuf January 19, 2004
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A fecal impaction is a large mass of dry, hard stool that can develop in the rectum due to chronic constipation. This mass may be so hard that it cannot come out of the body. Watery stool from higher in the bowel may move around the mass and leak out, causing soiling or diarrhea. Slang synonym - hardcap.
My impaction was so bad I had to see a doctor to have it removed.
by Resedo August 12, 2009
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Having an impact, or full of impact.
The bad news of the day had a large impaction on my state of mind.
by Beneski May 7, 2007
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A non-existent word coined by corporate advertising, marketing and business drones to make their work sound far more useful, exciting and beneficial to humanity than it really is. This term is most frequently used in "team building" seminars and conferences in which said drones discuss the most effective ways to convince consumer zombies to purchase crap they clearly do not need or even want.
"The board was convinced that my new ad campaign for arsenic and semen flavored lollipops for tots will be incredibly impactful and will generate heaps of sales."
by J. Spaghetti May 30, 2007
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