a term used by vermonters (people from vermont usa) to describe people not from vermont. most of the time used as a insult.
the flat landers are takeing over vermont
by hilltop henry March 27, 2003
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your favorite hoodlum rock climber. has strong hands and is super HOT
hes an Anton landerer
by jksafhdhflak January 15, 2019
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When you swing from the hips to slap your cock on to the forehead of your wife and/or girlfriend/mistress. Best done when she is sitting at the computer.
Dude i laid the best no hander lander on Toni the other day! Good work Ben!
by oddy2222 February 26, 2019
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A person that comes from south of Interstate 80 to hunt in Northern Pennsylvania for bear or deer. Usually these people have unnecessarily large trunks such as Ford F-350s or Dodge 3500 series.
That flat lander shot a deer out of his brand new F-350.
by ZBall April 8, 2008
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an annoying person who finds it funny to ride the lander across the zombie map "Ascension" multiple times to induce sexual stimulation.
Chandler:"That faggot ass queef nugget nigger keeps riding the lander around"

Colton:"Yea what a big nosed, breathin' up all the white man's air lander slut"
by I smell Nigger February 7, 2011
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A person who ships Lander from RosyClozys 'The Music Freaks.'

Lander is a ship that consists of two high-school-aged characters, Luke and Zander.
by Dapper_Deer April 24, 2021
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A gay person that’s fueled by violence and romance
Villanelle from killing eve is a tomorrow lander
by Unknown source November 3, 2022
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