Tyler: "Chris will planting his flag in that guys moon. Moon landing succesful".
Harold: "Chris is the best moon lander"
Tyler : "He is my idol!!"
by Ben Mi hover December 20, 2015
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It's like an Ann Landers advice columnist only it is a male giving the advice.
I don't understand what it is that my boyfriend /spouse wants from me. Maybe I will ask Man Landers
by Easy bake October 10, 2017
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Person awaiting diagnosis of ms
as i have been waiting two years for a diagnosis i consider myself to be a limbo lander
by Mick Cornes June 3, 2007
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Someone anyone from the "old world" from an American perspective.
Josh: Dude we got a new black dude in class!
Tony: I wonder if he is from Compton lol
Josh: No,no dude. Hes a main-lander, hes from Nigeria!
by collosoll May 23, 2014
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Ass Lander is someone who always lands on their ass when they fall down.
Kim tripped and fell but did not get hurt because she is an ass lander.
by Whosit606 September 1, 2019
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