when you lack braincells and don’t stan Chasity
yo that uggo isn’t letting me steal their tocos, they’re Chasity-phobic
by hh29 September 20, 2021
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Someone who consistently asks simple questions through IM or on a message board instead of taking 2 seconds to find the answer on Google themselves. They do this despite the process of asking often being slower than searching.
Person 1: What is the population of the world?
Person 2: Idk, just Google it.
Person 1: Cbf.
Person 2: You are so Google-phobic.
by BlurredWolf October 20, 2013
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1. When someone is afraid of the police.
2. When something is police-fearing in nature.
Brotha Fred sure is a popo-phobe!

That movie about people in the hood sure was popo-phobic.
by zoeyainthowuspellit April 13, 2007
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Someone who hates homophobic people is a homophobic phobic person and is a bigot.
Sean: I hate faggots
Kyle: You are homophobic and a bigot slayyyyyy

Sean: Stop being homophobic phobic and accept everyone for who they are you bigot , you are a horrible person and I am offended.
by nacho_enjoyer April 3, 2023
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someone who has a hate for people names elijah (unless their nice)
I'm Elijah-phobic, because all the Elijahs I know are mean.
by Ibugyoumore September 17, 2021
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