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A stick used to draw pictures in the dirt.
(see also Sealander).
He skillfully drew the map using his elander.
by zantern June 22, 2005
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Monica said, "mungrysqueat", and they all agreed to go to the cafeteria.
by zantern June 22, 2005
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A long thin stick used for writing, doodling, or drawing in outdoor settings.

See also Sealander (writing in the sand) and Elander (writing in dirt)
The little boy doodled in the cement with a lander.
by zantern June 22, 2005
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An extremely intelligent and good looking woman.
She was known a foxtail at work.
by zantern June 23, 2005
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Someone who has just made a mistake or done something wrong. Often used in a joking manner between friends.
After arriving at the ski resort Pat discovered that he had forgot his skis to which his friends responded "Pat, you're a knuckle head!".
by zantern June 23, 2005
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The absolute best. Heavy Duty. Strong, Sturdy. Over the top. Fantastic
1. The industrial strength detergent cleaned better than the bargain brand.

2. I don't dance often; but, when I do it is industrial (slang for absolute best)

3. This saw is industrial quality.
by zantern January 17, 2012
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A virtual ghost existing only in cyberspace.
My computer screen temporarily glazed over as a zantern passed through the the system.
by zantern June 27, 2006
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