(adj.) very large or great. Unstopabley powerful.
We gave him one hell of a surprise

We saw one hell of a cool car.
by Gumba Gumba May 30, 2004
Used to emphasize the exaggeration of a noun to a positive extent. Other variations include: "one heck of a", "heck of a", or "hell of a".
"That Lamborghini is one hell of car!"

"This is one heck of a job to clean up."

"You're one hell of a kid!"
by Chris's_Zen May 5, 2013
The catchphrase used by sebastion in the series black butler.
Guy 1 " who are you"?

Sebastion "well you see I am simply one hell of a butler"
by Mrgameranime September 13, 2013
adj. - term used to describe the inevitable outcome of any home improvement project involving painting, caulking, foam insulating, grouting, mudding, etc.
Do It Yourselfer #1: "It looks like Helen Keller caulked this tub!"
Do It Yourselfer #2: "Yeah, it's one hell of a gobbed up mess."
by Mowatt boyyyyyyyyyy April 3, 2005
Sebastian Michealis's, from the anime Kuroshitsuji or in America Black Butler, catch phrase. In almost every episode he says that.
EPISODE . . . 4

Madam Red: Are you sure your just a butler? Are like some sort of secret military officer or something?

Sebastian Michealis: Oh no. You see, I am simply one hell of a butler
by WannabeTheBloodyFoxy September 21, 2011
The catchphrase of one of the most majestic anime hotties evah~
♤Sebasuchan Mikaerisu♤
by YumikuriIzCannonMadaFuka April 28, 2018