Knit is another term for committing suicide. Thinking about knitting is the equivalent to contemplating suicide.
Dude, go knit!
I'm knitting right now.
by Pluto E. October 28, 2018
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Something tight, cool, amazing, awesome-sauce
“That vacay was so knit!”
by w-rizz August 5, 2023
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One who is seen as a fool and a "retard"
Oh thats Shane Moran, he's a knit.
by Evan_The_Legend February 18, 2011
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Orderly and neat in appearance or procedure, use so because a knit item is securely interwoven and tight.
Dude, The parents are coming over, make sure the apartment is on the knit-knit. I think I left a roach next to the tub.
by Jonathan January 13, 2005
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used to describe person who is confused, perplexed, lost, etc.
The blonde got totally knitted when asked the way to San Jose, and it was obvious she had no idea.
by pLexT June 13, 2010
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Noun. Breasts so pendulous and saggy that they could be knees.
Michael's mom was fine when she was young, but now she's got a pair of knits.
by Jojo Lemon May 8, 2005
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