Moran is moron squared. It's stupider than a moron.
Ed: 1 plus 1 equals one on a bun.

Steve: Shut up, moran!
by HawaiianPunch1 December 22, 2021
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The last name Moran derives from a variety of Irish surnames. Many people tend to relate the pronouncement of the name to sound like the word,"moron." A common misconception...well, sometimes.

Ironically in retrospect, the name has been translated most as meaning,"Descendant of the Great One."
Ted: "Yo Moron, living up to your last name today, I see."

Sean: "Cut the crap, it's Moran!"
by The true meaning of things September 28, 2010
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The preferred method of spelling "moron" by morons, particularly that of a Missouri redneck at a rally supporting the US led war in Iraq.
Get a brain, moran! GO USA!
by nevesis August 20, 2006
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I georgous brave lady who will always put others before herself.
She's creative, funny and smart but a bit of a cunt.
"Moran she's lovely isn't she"
by Iamthebestestever April 29, 2019
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A Moran is a one armed gay bandit who loves taking it up the shit pipe off a big black cuck. his favourite sexual act is a alabahma hot pocket.
My mate is a right Moran last nite he took it right up his dark alley off tysons twin the gay bastard.
by Chalky 123 April 12, 2010
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