Code word for 'Kinky', Used in Awkward situations or as a cover up for when you think something is Kinky.
"She rode me like a horse"
by Gdoig November 25, 2011
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Euphamism for the all time, number one, undisputed solo male pastime.
Masturbation, in case subtlety's not your thing. Tommy tank. You know.

"Knit one purl one knit one purl- AND cast off..."
(Declamatory) "Did you see Gavin & Stacey last night?"
"No. I was knitting."

(Perjorative) : "You dirty little knitter !"

(Descriptive) *When a pretty girl (or boy- we must be inclusive here) walks into view* "Ah- a new pattern!"

(And if 'new pattern' has been particularly apposite:) "I blunted my piggin' needle last night. Dropped a stitch".
by Bunnington Muffin IV January 31, 2009
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The buildup/process of obtaining the status of fleecing. Knitting means not quite fleecing, but not exactly just happy either, and is still classified by a feeling of natural highness, just not to the extent of someone who is fleecing.
Bro, i just finished my homework, cleaned my car, and did my chores. Im knitting right now because im anticipating this weekend when we hit up those sweet waves, drink our pina colodas, and make out with extremely hot women.
by DustC December 01, 2009
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Having really great sex.
guy 1: I was totally knitting last night with my girl.

guy 2: Oh what yarn did you use?

guy 1: you idiot, I'm talking 'bout sex!

guy 2: I knew that man... I knit all the time too!
by JayeWings January 30, 2011
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The act of receiving head from two people at one time by pushing both of their heads down on the count of "one" and "two." Similar to the "knit one, pearl two" in knitting. Perfect for a guy sitting in between two females.
Jill: So what did you do this weekend Jack?
Jack: I went knitting with your mom and sister, Jill. It was pretty fun actually.
Jill: (unaware of the meaning of knitting) Alright then..
by KnittingMaster April 25, 2010
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