I did some knitting last night !
by Brinky November 2, 2005
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Euphamism for the all time, number one, undisputed solo male pastime.
Masturbation, in case subtlety's not your thing. Tommy tank. You know.

"Knit one purl one knit one purl- AND cast off..."
(Declamatory) "Did you see Gavin & Stacey last night?"
"No. I was knitting."

(Perjorative) : "You dirty little knitter !"

(Descriptive) *When a pretty girl (or boy- we must be inclusive here) walks into view* "Ah- a new pattern!"

(And if 'new pattern' has been particularly apposite:) "I blunted my piggin' needle last night. Dropped a stitch".
by Bunnington Muffin IV January 31, 2009
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What we call hooking up.
Me and that guy were knitting at the movies the whole time!
by ily xo. July 18, 2007
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My friends' and me's code word for smoking pot.
I hung out with Chelsea and Kristina yesterday. We didn't do much, knitted and then spent about $100 at Taco Bell.
by Courtney January 15, 2005
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Orderly and neat in appearance or procedure, use so because a knit item is securely interwoven and tight.
Dude, The parents are coming over, make sure the apartment is on the knit-knit. I think I left a roach next to the tub.
by Jonathan January 13, 2005
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Knit is another term for committing suicide. Thinking about knitting is the equivalent to contemplating suicide.
Dude, go knit!
I'm knitting right now.
by Pluto E. October 28, 2018
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used to describe person who is confused, perplexed, lost, etc.
The blonde got totally knitted when asked the way to San Jose, and it was obvious she had no idea.
by pLexT June 13, 2010
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