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an asian girl's pu-nanny
I got some slant from lucy liu
by Jonathan February 24, 2005
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Is short for the commonly used term,dousche bag, or someone who is a terrible person, and who everyone thinks should be kicked in the balls, or punched directly in the ovary.
Man, those librarians are such baggers. I think that one should be punched in the ovary.
by Jonathan March 24, 2005
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Tricia McMillan. Popular female character in the Hitchhiker's guide series. Mother to Arthur Dent's child, Random.
Trillian is on hot and froody chick.
by Jonathan May 31, 2005
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A drink. Usually made in the pornography industry. One first inserts speculum in anal cavity while one's back with legs around head. Next 5 men ejaculate into speculum to enter the rectum. Then whole milk is added with hershey syrup. Finally some whip cream and a cherry on top.
To drink on can either remove the speculum and insert a tube into the anal cavity and proceed to suck it out of one's own ass. Or the contents is expelled while being stood up into a glass preferable made for milkshakes. Then quaffed at lesiure.
A. Damn that Asshole-Milkshake was tasty!
B. Dont make me make you give yourself an asshole-milkshake!
C. Mom, more asshole-milkshake please!
by Jonathan December 14, 2004
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To snap ones teeth at another person.
Jimmy looked at Patty and said "arch".
by Jonathan February 3, 2005
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Word used by quebeckers. Bastardization of "ici".
by Jonathan January 29, 2004
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