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A term used to refer to a person who feels a need to be in control of all aspects of his or her surroundings. Or, in other words, an anal retentive person "can't let go of shit."
My anal retentive parents won't let me leave the house without leaving them with an address, name, and phone number for my destination.
by Jonathan May 08, 2004

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For me, it's about two men having sex and really enjoying their bodies.
There is nothing I like better after a hard day at work than coming home, getting undressed and feeling my boyfriend's dick up my ass. Gaysex is great!
by Jonathan June 21, 2004

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The act of fucking up the ass without wearing a rubber.
He loved the feeling of intimacy barebacking brought him but knew his dick would be covered in shit when he pulled it out.
by Jonathan June 21, 2004

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The most beautiful girl in the whole fucking world
Look taht girl damn she`s hot

of course dog is Keyla
by Jonathan March 20, 2004

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The embodyment of Manliness. Calls everyone crap and has assistant named The Cheat. Has brother named Strong Sad and another named Strong Mad. Homestar Runner's arch rival.
"Why you lazy crap for crap!" Strong Bad
by Jonathan November 15, 2003

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Spanish word meaining your nads; Your manhood; Your balls.
Do you have BIG cojones mang? (from GTA Vice City)

by jonathan March 10, 2003

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An overpopulated truck stop.
I go to Binghamton University.
by Jonathan March 23, 2005

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