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misch: noun. A kid who is always cool and really funny. The kid may have friends who think they can beat-box and dance, but really can't. The typical misch doesn't let such people bother them.
Jonathan is such a misch
by Jonathan December 16, 2004
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an asian girl's pu-nanny
I got some slant from lucy liu
by Jonathan February 24, 2005
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Is short for the commonly used term,dousche bag, or someone who is a terrible person, and who everyone thinks should be kicked in the balls, or punched directly in the ovary.
Man, those librarians are such baggers. I think that one should be punched in the ovary.
by Jonathan March 24, 2005
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Tricia McMillan. Popular female character in the Hitchhiker's guide series. Mother to Arthur Dent's child, Random.
Trillian is on hot and froody chick.
by Jonathan May 31, 2005
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The 'T-virus', which stands for 'Tyrant-virus', is an RNA virus developed by the international pharmaceutical company Umbrella. It was created for use in the development of 'Human biological weapons', better known as zombies. By using it to mutate a victim's genes while also adding the DNA of an amphibian, the 'Fighting biological weapon', known as the Hunter, was also created. An even deadlier 'Fighting biological weapon', called the Tyrant, can be made by injecting the 'T-virus' into a perfectly compatible host.

Roughly 90% of the world's human population can be infected by the virus and turn to zombies, while those who escape infection could be killed by the infected. Roughly 1 in 10 million people will become a Tyrant when infected.

All lifeforms, ranging from primitive insects to mammals, can be infected by the 'T-virus'.
The 'T-virus' was responsible for the outbreak of mutants in and near Raccoon city in 1998.
by Jonathan December 27, 2003
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