the word that is most often used by women and men when they don't know how a relationship is going, or if there is a relation ship.
ME: So is there an us?
YOU: Umm, just cuz we talk every night for 2 months straight doesn't mean we're seeing eachother...
ME: I thought we had a relationship going? What about the sex, and the flowers cards and candy, and the dates, and meeting your parents?
YOU: Well, I'm confused about all this too
by El Cangri April 10, 2005
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unable to grasp the truth behind a given emotion or concept
Jack was confused that Arnold said something bad about Daisy because Jack knew Daisy to be a wise person.
by Ereck Flowers March 11, 2015
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George Bush is so confused he thinks he's a suitable president
by Brendan October 10, 2003
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Having no idea,not accepting the facts
Adam stauffer confused about his marriage with Alise stauffer, and there new born baby girl.
by Dr. Treymond March 27, 2009
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When someone has no freaking idea what is happening. They have thought so hard about a subject and they dont really know what to think anymore because their head is throbbing and they just want to fry their brain maybee with some hardcore drugs.

...also someone who is bi.
Mary: Man, Fred turned into a vegetable.
Jo: Yeah, he was confused with the world. He just learned that everything he knew was a lie. His head hurt so bad he just shut himself off from the confusion.
by Rinizle June 19, 2009
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