The abbreviation of Vacation which is Vaca, is pronounced sometimes as Vacay.
Will you go on a vacay with me over spring break?

My vacay had perfect weather!
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vacation, abbreviated, derived from the first two syllables

Mentioned in the movie Legally Blonde.
You won't be seeing me for two weeks. I'm going on vacay!
by vacay_definer November 15, 2004
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Douche-bag speak for the word "vacation". See: vajayjay

Increasingly seen on ineffectual yet surprisingly annoying travel-site ads.
"Duuuude, I'm like, so stressed out, lets have a 'lil vacay next weekend."
by clayoquot October 25, 2011
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Sara : Wow Jake last night was amazing your cock is so huge!
Jake : Yeah god was good to me wasn't he!
Sara : Well i'll make the bed and you cook us some breakfast! Wow there sure is a lot of Love Stain's in your bed!
Jake : Yeah well this is my girlfriend Kiersten's bed!
Sara : WHAT! You mean we made love in your girlfriend's bed?
Jake : Yeah she's on vacay with her sister What's The Big Deal!
Sara : What am I too you some one night stand!
Jake : No baby she's on Vacay for 7 day's!
Sara : So you were just going to fuck me for 7 day's while your girlfriend was on Vacay!
Jake : No probally just 6 I need a day to rest you know!
Sara : Your A Fuckin Asshole!
Jake : Mmmm! I love fucking your little soft asshole!
Sara : Oh Jake your so sweet I hope Kiersten take's a permanent Vacay!
by SlopNChop July 8, 2018
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How was your "vacay" to the Vegas with your boyfriend?
by DayMe November 9, 2007
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President Obama's vacation that brings a lot of extra traffic and congestion to your holiday location.
Traffic was at a standstill during the Obama Vacay. We had to walk a few miles through security checkpoints just to get to the beach.
by yes juanito yes January 31, 2015
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Swag,this is typically used during vacations when you're having fun
Man I had a great vacation!
What a Vacay Moment
by spider-man raimi November 10, 2020
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