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People who live their lives as if everyone should think and act the way they themselves do. Judgmental people think on a very shallow level and tend to be unaccepting of people who come from different socioeconomic or cultural backgrounds. Judgmental people also almost never seek to understand others, but instead spend their free time involved in gossip.

You yourself may be judgemental. We all are at some points. But it's good to get in the habit of catching yourself when you make up your mind about someone, especially before trying to see their point of view.
Me: "Hey did you hear Janet is having a kid?"
FH: "Was it a mistake?"
Me: "I don't know."
FH: "She should probably get a good job first before she has a kid."
Me: "Sometimes life doesn't work that way, you judgmental fuckhead."
by w35 October 07, 2013
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β€œWhere did you go after we left the pub?”
β€œDunno, CRAFT.”
by AKACroatalin November 07, 2015
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A judgmental person is somebody who thinks they know everything about you when they really don't know shit. Judgmental people basically just live in their own little bubble of delusion and have no patience for the superstitious nonsense formally know has "open-mindedness".
Being judged pisses me off way more than anything else. Oh yeah, judgmental...
by Slayn August 18, 2007
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If you think stupid people are stupid, you are judgmental. If you think ugly people are ugly, you are judgmental.

It has adopted a negative connotation as the practice of paying any unbiased attention to behavior pattern of others becomes taboo. It's only socially acceptable to acknowledge all successes and instantly forget all failures, that way no true judgement of a person's behavior pattern can be formed. If people weren't afraid to actually tell when others were incompetent, much of modern society would unfold.
A: <says something really really stupid>
B: <makes WTF-face>
A: "OMG I hate you- you so judgmental."
C: "Yeah wtf, A, learn some manners."
by WimperofReason April 28, 2011
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A word, typically used by people with vaginas, that means literally nothing except that you don't think someone else is perfect in every single way. Most often utilized by immature teenage girls, being "judgmental" more often than not constitutes being a funny person who does not endlessly compliment said girl, and is labeled judgmental because the female or group of females at hand are a bunch of over sensitive pussies.
Immature girl: "Wow, that group of guys is so judgmental"

Reality: Not offering you free alcohol or complimenting you with the hopes of hooking up with you does not mean they are judgmental, but simply that you need to grow up.

Immature girl to clearly joking friend:"Stop making fun of me, you're so judgmental"

Reality: You're a pussy.
by SensitivityIsEvil June 02, 2014
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