1 definition by SensitivityIsEvil

A word, typically used by people with vaginas, that means literally nothing except that you don't think someone else is perfect in every single way. Most often utilized by immature teenage girls, being "judgmental" more often than not constitutes being a funny person who does not endlessly compliment said girl, and is labeled judgmental because the female or group of females at hand are a bunch of over sensitive pussies.
Immature girl: "Wow, that group of guys is so judgmental"

Reality: Not offering you free alcohol or complimenting you with the hopes of hooking up with you does not mean they are judgmental, but simply that you need to grow up.

Immature girl to clearly joking friend:"Stop making fun of me, you're so judgmental"

Reality: You're a pussy.
by SensitivityIsEvil June 02, 2014
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