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People who live their lives as if everyone should think and act the way they themselves do. Judgmental people think on a very shallow level and tend to be unaccepting of people who come from different socioeconomic or cultural backgrounds. Judgmental people also almost never seek to understand others, but instead spend their free time involved in gossip.

You yourself may be judgemental. We all are at some points. But it's good to get in the habit of catching yourself when you make up your mind about someone, especially before trying to see their point of view.
Me: "Hey did you hear Janet is having a kid?"
FH: "Was it a mistake?"
Me: "I don't know."
FH: "She should probably get a good job first before she has a kid."
Me: "Sometimes life doesn't work that way, you judgmental fuckhead."
by w35 October 8, 2013
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