When you're too lazy to say three words, you just say "pisses me" instead of "pisses me off."
"Dude, when people don't go the speed limit, that really pisses me."
by stephaynee March 2, 2014
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Too be doing the opposite of pissing one off. Making them really really really freakin happy.
by KjSpittah May 29, 2017
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Really happy about something. The opposite of piss me off.
A : What did Aiko do last night?
B : She stayed up late and worked on our project
A : Wow!
B : She really knows how to piss me on!
by dzhus April 20, 2010
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Makes you very frustrated
He was talking so loud, it was really pissing me off..
by lokka June 12, 2014
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A : What did u do last night?
B : I enjoyed movie with my boyfriend.
A : you REally piss me off
B : piss me off?
by farmbeach0510 May 13, 2007
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Something you say before you unleash hell on someone.
Piss me off and I'm gonna bounce your head off a horses ass
by pissmeoffand February 4, 2010
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totally pissed off to the nth power; so angry that you are about to do slap someone in the face but need to express it verbally instead.
by finewoman September 22, 2013
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