when a gang member gets shot and his homies retaliate by shooting a rival gang member back
casper:"aye fool the fools from 18st shot droopy
Lokote:"they better be ready for the get back
by SUR side loco September 3, 2007
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the prison term used to describe the action that happens from the smell when you approach an inmates cell
dave: why are your eyes watering?
jeff: just came back from inmate romano's cell , the get back was so fierce it smacked my mama.
by Negretto in the ghetto July 16, 2011
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Get back is when your bf cheats on you, but you stay with him anyway,but you don't forgive and you can't forget, so you 'get back' at him.
This is how it's done: you tell the guy you wanna fuck (Sancho) that your bf cheated on you, so you wanna get back at him, but you still want to be with your boyfriend and you are just interested in sex, but nobody can ever know, so he must be discreet. Sancho will agree, cuz guys love sex, and they will do it under any circumstances, for any reason. You have now found 'the other man'.Enjoy fucking him for months, possibly years, behind your boyfriend's back, all the while bf never suspects a thing because HE is the cheater, not sweet little you.Get back sex is great, cuz it's forbidden,vengeful, and gives you variety, which, trust me, will give you multiple orgasms like never before.
"Get back isn't cheating, it's get back.He did it first!"
by Nastina August 9, 2005
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To resume doing something that you were previously doing and would rather be doing.
"Biery ill let ya get back to getting back." Biery Valery winks back at Dimitri as he leaves the bathroom to his 3 fine foxy females.
by otot October 16, 2007
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When so one does something foul or disrespectful to you so you retaliate
Buddy smash my girl so I had to GET BACK
by titas james August 31, 2023
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A Juke joint, an informal establishment featuring music, dancing, gambling, and drinking, primarily operated by African Americans in the southeastern United States.
I’m just a Delta blues singer that plays for get-backs, Saturday night balls and street-corner pennies.
by GO-SH April 22, 2018
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Used when something sudden occurs or is happening.
Expression indicating that there is some gash nearby.
Used if someone does something considered odd/amusing/crazy etc
Get back...look at that gash!!!
(something mad happens) GET BACK!
by Nathan C March 27, 2003
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