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Something that costs nothing, but most of the population seem to have an aversion to.

Good manners are a gateway to success. Bad manners are a gateway to a good hiding.

Look at that girl with her cooch on the dinner table, she has the most awful manners!

Good manners include offering your seat to a pregnant woman on the bus.
by Jamie Douglas December 12, 2006
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A term used for internet games. When a player just plays games in a good mannered way and doesn't talk crap or complain. Usually Manner players will always type GG GL HF before games and at the end of the game they will wait for the losing player to type GG before they themselves type it back. (GG GL HF= GooD GamE GooD LucK HavE FuN!)
"Those players in Clan X17 are so BM (bad manner) but the guys in op hyo- are very manner. ^_^
by Eye-Loser January 02, 2005
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To act in a way that you are respectful and meaningful to the other human being you are socializing with.
1: G.G.K was pretty manner during today's clan war.
2: Fred was very manner when he came over for dinner yesterday.
3: My sister wasn't being manner so she got back handed.
by MannerKing October 15, 2014
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authority or rule of another: to be under someone's manners
~Are you going to watch the game down the pub tonight?
- No, Sarah wants me to cook dinner tonight.
~You are under that girls manners mate.
~That is manners mate.
by NixSeb July 16, 2009
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patronising exclamation of implied authority over another; often after a physical request
~Go get my lighter from the car bruv?
- On return
by NixSeb July 16, 2009
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A term used for a man who is sexually aroused by being tricked into seeing another man's testicles, and then causing harm to those testicles.
Yeah my boyfriend only gets off by being mannered.
by Karmajunkie86 November 13, 2009
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