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To derive unwanted amusement from observing the actions of another.
Compare schadenfreude.
"If I make tea, will you judge me?"
"If I judge you for asking, 'if you make tea, will you judge me,' will you judge me?"
by Drainitup July 14, 2014
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To judge is to make a personal opinion about someone ,notice there's a difference between prejudge and judge meaning to judge you have your reasons because you've observed this person or have talked to this person for you to personally make a decision on what this person is or about. If you talk to someone and their telling how they robbed people, of course you're going to judge them as a theif or even if there lying about their still dishonest so now you have reason to judge them. The bible says Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged and the bible also says in the last days people will be haughty, disobeident to parents, brutal and so on and warn believers to stay away from these people but in order for you to know these characteristics you have to judge them after them after the fact, so that's a contradiction.. But don't fall into the trap of being prejudice because that's just plain stupid, just because a person dreisses and looks like Lil Wayne doesn't mean he's father isn't a big time judge when you falsely arrest him crooked officer. Just because a person is clumsy doesn't mean they have a low iq, just because a person is a stripper doesn't mean they don't have a heart of gold.. But prejudice isn't a good thing and it hurts people feeling and someone will always prejudge you the same way. If a person fucks your girlfriend would you still not judge and forgive him. He's a scumbag and that's it. read people, test them, weigh your facts and make a decision.
Anthony called a John a bitch because he got punched in the face and didn't do anything, he judged him based on his actions
by 23r24r September 01, 2012
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a sick ass revolver that shoots .45's and 410 shot shells for the instant close combat kill. shot spreads instantly out of the short, rifled chamber, not leaving your enemy a chance.
I saw this cop totally Judge the robber
Last night, this guy attacked me in the subway, and I whipped out my Judge in defense.
by N-squared January 08, 2009
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Some that judges you on everything you do. Good or not it is always corrected by the judge.

They usually share their knowledge with the world.
Steve: "Kooj, I earned £100 yesterday"
Kooj: "Yeah you could have earned more if you tried something else"
Steve: "Kooj you are such a judge, what you gonna do next? Tell the whole world?"
by Steve Choad July 14, 2006
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Someone who butts their nose where is doesn't belong and judges someone or something. Someone who needs to realize their own flaws instead of judging others.
"That guy was so mean. He acted like he was a judge"
by Lynane May 20, 2008
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The unmerciful uncivilized unfair pieces of shit they hire in the so-called "judicial system" which is about the biggest crock of shit there is out there.

Judges are pansies, often punishing the innocent and letting the guilty walk free. That's why nobody has faith in the judicial system anymore. You're better off to take the law into your own hands.

Ever been to divorce court? The judge almost always hears out the womans side of the case and totally ignores the mans side.

In most cases 99% of the time the woman is fucking gold digging bitch looking to milk the innocent man of all he's worth and then some. When the man talks of how he can't handle it because he doesn't make that much the judge throws the book at the guy, often holding him in contempt and telling him how he's a deadbeat because he can't afford to fund his soon to be ex wifes luxurious lifestyle with her new man that she was cheating on her faithful soon to be ex husband to start with.
Judges are pussy ass pansies that will one day be judged themsevles by God before they burn in hell next to all the layers.
by Judge ass kicker December 11, 2006
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