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PeΕ₯o is such a Founder.
Yeah, he is a real pussy
by Rosalko February 06, 2019
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Verb. To relentlessly pursue a solution beyond the point where most humans would concede defeat. Often applied to challenges that others do not recognize as problems. Most frequently used when someone is annoyed that the founder will not leave them alone. To tweak and optimize with conviction and compulsion.

Historical: originally used by spouses of start-up founders to describe really annoying behavior traits, usually a compulsion to solve a problem despite social cues that perhaps it's time to give up.
Example: "Stop foundering me!"

Use case: Spouse walks into the kitchen to find their loved one in a pile of disassembled electronics. "I had to fix the light on the waffle maker." "I thought it still worked without the light." "Technically it does, but I didn't know when to take out my waffles." "I thought they were fine." "They were darker than I wanted." "Of course they were, so you had to founder the waffle maker?" "I've almost got it..."

Use case: "I heard about a waterfall that iced over, but I can't go by myself. Let's go ice climbing tomorrow!" "I always get cold belaying you." "Look, I got you a heavy down jacket." "You got me that last year, and I was still cold." "It's pink, and you never get to wear it." "No." "I'll fill a thermos with hot chocolate." "Stop foundering me." Impervious "Look, I got heat packs to put in your boots and gloves." "STOP FOUNDERING ME!"
by GeneGeek May 02, 2016
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Belfast Slang. If something is to "founder" you, it would seriously hurt you, e.g. extreme cold.
by laura112233 February 23, 2006
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The person that motivates you to have sex and motivates you to do things that you've never done before.
I'm your "founder" because I encourage you to do nasty shit and other really bad stuff.
by Billyrivera February 05, 2017
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A member of the upcoming generation who self-defined themselves on MTV, thus showing them to be the most pretentious generation ever.
The high school kid proclaimed himself a Founder, but to us he was a flounder. So lame.
by drummin2life June 10, 2016
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