Complimenting someone’s opinion or viewpoint. Agreeing with somebody to a high extent. Telling someone they’re an intellectual.
Chris: do you know your friend’s ethnicity?
Andy: why does it matter?
Chris: I don’t know; he’s your friend after all so it should matter, right?
Andy: I don’t know his ethnicity, because it doesn’t matter to me. If I want to be friends with someone, I would want to know their hobbies and values, because that is what truly matters.
Chris: your mind
by Shmart dude July 20, 2019
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the part of the central nervous system that, with some apparent exceptions, is in the cranial cavity of every person's head. If you don't understand this, you are probably one of the exceptions.
Dude, you were so drunk out of your mind you slept with that...?
by Twisted Code April 12, 2018
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what i use to clean up after i masturbate
your mind is my cock wipe
by Hassan February 10, 2004
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To be in your mind means to be smart, and sane at the same time
Thing: *exists *
1: "I made this. "
2: "Wow! You're really in your mind! "
by A man bun April 24, 2018
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To say what you really think, not what people want to hear.
E.g: If I spoke my mind, he'd only get upset.
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The idea that vocal and frequent expression of your opinions and ideologies should be the default and is the most healthy state of any individual.
Man on the sidewalk: THE WORLD IS ENDING IN 2012!

Man in car: Yell your mind!
by Spozzy January 8, 2011
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1) For one's head to explode/implode under extreme mental pressure.
2) To be amazed at something amazing.
ex: "Lower your cerebral pants cause I'm gonna Blow Your Mind!"
by D3V1LxDawg February 3, 2009
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