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A Pseudo-Intellectual is somebody who thinks he's got it all figured out, but really doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.
TheAmazingAtheist is the perfect example of a Pseudo-Intellectual.
by Slayn August 11, 2007
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A judgmental person is somebody who thinks they know everything about you when they really don't know shit. Judgmental people basically just live in their own little bubble of delusion and have no patience for the superstitious nonsense formally know has "open-mindedness".
Being judged pisses me off way more than anything else. Oh yeah, judgmental...
by Slayn August 19, 2007
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An Atheist who has absolutely no patience for religious people, mainly Christians. They will talk crap about Christians all day, then get super pissed when anybody says a thing about Atheism, or even just stands up for their own religion. About 30% of Atheists are also Asstheists, and generally give the respectable Atheists a bad name.
Being Atheist is cool, being Asstheist is not.

The only reason you should Thumbs-Down this definition is if you are an Asstheist.
by Slayn June 17, 2007
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I warn you, don't get this game if you don't have a lot of free time and hard drive space and your disposal. I got this game, It was cool at first, but now it seems that every time I get on it, I get bored as hell and quit after just one sim-day (about 7 minutes if you consider the fast forwards). Also, the base game itself takes up like 3000 mb, plus all the expansions make it like 7 thousand. AND you'll probably increase it to 10 thousand just from download a ton of custom content. I wouldn't suggest getting this game unless you have a second computer solely for the purpose of playing it.
College Kid: FUCK!! I don't have enough drive space to download this pair of Sims 2 underwear! Oh, wait, I could delete my Final Report!
by Slayn June 17, 2007
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A joke used insultingly toward a person who is whining about something stupid like a tummy ache.
Whiner: Ow! Damn it to Hell, this paper cut hurts!

Other guy: Boo Hoo, let me dial WHINE-1-1 and call you a wambulance.
by Slayn December 31, 2008
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