Whenever you have just been scarred by this website and you don't know what to search to get away from it
im looking for anything else to get me away form this definition
by teaspoon007 November 22, 2017
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The exact same to the words “Ok and?”. It signifies you have completely lost interest in the topic and/or want to shut someone else up, etc.
Guy 1: “I had such a hard time doing my homework
Guy 2: “Not as hard as I did your mom
Guy 1: “Anything else?”
by A random pseudonym January 4, 2022
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When you're watching porn or something else you dont want people seeing, and you hear someone coming, so you need to Google literally anything else, but you panic and can't think of anything, so you actually Google "Literally anything else"
My dad was really confused on why I had Google'd "Literally anything else, but after a minute he said goodnight and went to bed. So I went back to watching porn.
by B-Money Baby April 17, 2019
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