A Rastafarian musician who plays reggae and puts out good album after good album, while never gaining mass play. This is because he is black and likes getting high. Somehow that Jew Matisyahu makes it big while not touching the skills of Sizzla.
"Damn whiteman keeping Sizzla down, while letting that Jew Matisyahu make it big. Damn the Jews really do run America."
by R-Flip March 10, 2006
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Reggae artist and vicious homophobe who encourages the murder of homosexuals in his lyrics.
"i don't know why people listen to Sizzla's hate-filled music!"
by clarencedarrow April 29, 2005
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Someone who packs and then lights the bole. The fresh weed burning will make a sizzle sound.
"yo sizzla, i'll give you some scrilla. you packed a nice bole."
by Sizzla July 15, 2006
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