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To be of Jesus quality (meaning the highest quality available) and either holy or almost holy.

Akin to Jesus.

Something or someone that excels excruciatingly compared to other objects or persons.
Video Games:
Dude, Modern Warfare 2 is Jesusness.

They said that GTA: IV was Jesusness, the controls suck and the movement is choppy as hell.

Is the iPad going to Jesusness? It doesn't seem so good right now.

Pirating is Jesusness.

Her boobs are Jesusness! Damn!

That ass, even Jesus would call it Jesusness.


Bob: The .50 caliber is always so damn Jesus-like!

Jim: It's Jesusness.

Bob: It's the same thing.

Jim: True dat.

Ironically, depending on your religious views, Church itself may not be Jesusness.

Godly isn't cool anymore, Jesusness is the shit.
by Allen75 July 09, 2010
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A word that can be used to retort phrases like "Coolness and sweetness"
Liz: What are you doing?
Dana: 3-d modeling
Liz: Sweetness
Dana: Nah its jesusness
by Dana Kanto April 14, 2008
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