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A stunning girl with lots of personality. She's a girl who you can laugh with or a girl you can laugh at. She's gorgeous and can make anyone laugh. Unique, outgoing and fearless. Agrees to all the dares given to her. She's artistic, talkative and talented. If you ever meet a Phoebe, stay with her. She's amazing
Wish I could be as outgoing as Phoebe
by OnlyTwentyCharacters August 23, 2015
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Phoebe is one of the nicest girls you will ever meet. She will always be by your side and support you through whatever you have going on. Not only is she nice and hilarious but she's also stunning and beautiful.
Damn, i wish i could be a phoebe
by Anddiiiiii June 08, 2015
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The sweetest, most gorgeous girl a guy will ever have the incredible luck of coming across. If she's not a part of your present and future, make it so. Quite frankly- life without her is unimaginable. The only one person I personally've let myself care about, infinitely more so than than yes...myself.

One day, reader, I plan on seeing her beautiful smile in person. That day's coming faster than you or I know.
Lofoten, Norway(Phoebe)
Chocolate Hills(Phoebe)
by TheGuyThatPlaysGuitar April 06, 2014
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The most beautiful, athletic girl you will ever meet. She is smart, funny and awkward but fun to hang out with. She could get all the guys she wants just with her personality. Everybody wants to be like Phoebe. If you friends with a Phoebe count yourself lucky because Phoebes are very rare.
Alex: I wish I could be Phoebe all the guys love her!
Ani: I know me too!
Annie: Me three!
by flowerpower21 October 19, 2014
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Phoebe, an English name. (Ancient Greek: Φοίβη), meaning;
A friendly and amazing person,

really adorable, beautiful, kind, and very loveable.

Usually has a great energy,
To find a Phoebe is a great achievement, so take care, or lose it.
…………really really really adorable.
1.) “You got a Phoebe in your group! Awesome.”
2.) “Wow, I can’t believe I’m with Phoebe <3. I must be the luckiest guy in the world.”
by thetruth7 November 07, 2011
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An amazing friend and someone you can rely on always.There for you no matter what. Drop dead gorgeous and every one loves her. Extremely outgoing and lovely and compassionate. Phoebe are fabulous and perfect in every way. But NEED to remember how amazing they are and that they do not need to doubt themselves AT ALL.
"phoebe is soo sexy"

"ikr and such an amazing freind! "
by Phoebe. August 31, 2016
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