Football played by mostly 18-21 year-olds at colleges and universities. It is essentially the pre-requisite to the NFL. There are serveral different divisions, but 1-A is the only one that matters.

There are 11 conferences in division 1-A
Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)
Big 12
Big 10
Big East
Conference USA
Mid-American Conference (MAC)
Mountain West (MW)
Pacific 10 (Pac-10)
Southeastern Conference (SEC)
Western American Conference (WAC)

The Big 10, Big 12, ACC, SEC, Pac-10 and Big East are considered to be the major conferences, and the top teams from these conferences receive automic bids to play in post season bowl games, which put the best teams in the country against eachother. All major bowl games used to be played on New Years day, but then they fucked with tradition.

College football is considered by many to be superior to professional football because of the rivalries and presitige amongst the schools.
Did you see the Ohio State-Michigan game last week? That kind of intense rivalry is college football at it's finest.
by Schlichting October 2, 2005
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First began as a sport in New Jersey c. 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers. The game is a unique blend of soccer and rugby with a distinctly American style. Today football played between universities, "college football," is the nation's most attended sporting event and contains far more pagentry, tradition, and soul than professional football.

Time to grab a beer, fire up the grill, open the tailgate, listen to the band, and enjoy America's REAL football.
by FootballHistorian October 19, 2005
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Form of football. Very exciting with diehard fans and intence rivalries, But all in all, inferior to the NFL. Because for one: NFL players are improved college players, college players are college players. And #2: only about 30 teams in College Football are Decent, while the other 80 are crap.

Anyway, it's still a very good league to watch
Go Trojans! College Football Champions 2003 and 2004!
by Spikesy July 9, 2006
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The biggest faggot jerkoff shitfest in the entire world. There are 130 teams but only 3 or 4 ever compete for a championship. 95% of the teams have absolutely no shot at competing ever because there is no draft, no contracts, no trades, and absolutely nothing that these teams can do against the 3 or 4 teams that all the good players decide to go to. It's almost the exact same goddamn teams every fucking year in and year out and it's the most godawful boring horseshit. On top of all of that, their playoffs are determined by a system of VOTING! Because of all of this horseshit, only retards like college football. This means college football is predominately big in the South. This is a perfect system for these stupid fucking redneck pieces of shit because they hate everybody else in the country that's not in the South so when their football team wins in their corrupt unfair horseshit games, they feel as if they are superior to the rest of the country. They have small, tiny penises so when their favorite team beats an inferior team with no chance of ever competing 84-7 on a throwaway Saturday, it makes them feel better about their micro-weewees. There are a lot of dumb things that exist in this fucked up world, but college football is the biggest crock of horseshit that has ever existed and college football fans that view it as a legitimate product are the biggest faggot pieces of pathetic shit on this fucking Earth. Fuck college football
"hey Central Florida went undefeated! They played 13 games and won all 13 games!" - Kyle
"That's great, too bad they lost" - Stan
"How did they lose? They won every game they played!" - Kyle
"Yeah but the selection committee voted that they weren't good enough to make the playoffs, so another team won the National Championship" - Stan
"But they won their bowl game!" - Kyle
"Bowl games don't mean shit" - Stan
"Wow this sure is stupid, but atleast we helped our football program!" - Kyle
"Actually, now that UCF is good, nobody is going to agree to play them so the school is going to make less money now" - Stan
"Wow college football is the most retarded fucked up horseshit! Who the fuck likes this crap!?" - Kyle
"Southerners, the only people retarded enough to think its worth watching" - Stan
"Oh that makes sense" - Kyle

Fuck college football
by EggFuYungAtHeart February 4, 2022
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A US college football playoff does not currently exist in the Football Bowl Subdivision, where polls and bowls determine the champion. These polls are heavily biased. A proper playoff would involve all 11 college football conference champions, and a 12th team to round out the field - either the next-best 2nd-place team or an Independent.

Four games are played in September, four games in October, four games in November.

At the end of the season, ALL college conferences will be obliged to stage a championship game between their top two teams to determine their conference champion, if the top two teams finish within one game of each other, or if they send the winners of their two divisions to a championship game anyway. (i.e. 11-1 and 10-2).

If there is a clear winner after the season is concluded (i.e. a 12-0 team, with the next-best team being 10-2), no championship game is required.


7 of these 11 conference champions, plus the best 2nd-place team (or an Independent - whatever works) play at the sites of the 4 major bowls during the second week of December. (8th to 14th)
The four winning teams move on.
The schools can then break for exams and holidays.

The four major bowl games are the Orange, Sugar, Rose, and Fiesta Bowl. The winners from round 1 meet up with the four top-ranked conference champions in these bowl games.
Four teams move on in the playoff from here.

The TOP 4 conference champions get byes to round 2, which, coincidentally, will be the four major bowl games. The bowl games have historical significance in college football, and some college conferences have contractual tie-ins which give them huge sums of money.

This is the main reason that college presidents in these conferences are against a playoff. They don't want to give up the money that their schools earn through the bowls. This playoff system does not get rid of them.

In round 3, 2 of the sites of those bowl games host the semi-final games.
The following season, the other two sites host the semi-finals.

The FBS championship will also rotate between the 4 bowls, as it does now.

So there you have it. No bowls get eliminated, which makes the college presidents happy.
The teams that get knocked out of the playoff can also go on to play in other bowls if they so wish.
A college football playoff would allow the US college football champion to be determined on the field, instead of by arbitrary polls.
by Emcee D February 3, 2009
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A football term for when an awful team (Professional, College, or High School level) allows 40+ points while simultaneously scoring less than 20 points.
A: Did you see how bad they lost?
B: Yeah, they totally got college footballed.
by Idkwuttoputhere17 November 11, 2021
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