Dana is that type of girl that you can depend on. She always tries to listen. She looks at you with her black glasses on and her cute lil smile. She doesbt have a ton of friends, just few. Maybe like a little group. She's really nice and extra. A drama queen. She also has a love for different types of music. And most likey has a group of unique friends that always stick together in drama. She's s beautiful and is most likey talented in art and loves to sing. Dana's usually are thick, with a fat ass. And has the perfect body. She also laughs at her own jokes and makes everyone else laugh with her. She doesnt hate no one. She just gets stressed. When she wants to cry. She thinks of happy thoughts. She wont share her pain with anyone. She hides her pain with laughter and happiness. If you have a Dana...keep her. Your lucky to have her.
Dana is always so cheerful.

I wish i could be as strong and independent as dana
by AnonymousWriterForYou May 5, 2019
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Dana is a name given to a goddess-like being who has the ability to be the most beautiful and most intelligent. She is a species unlike any other. Dana has been through loads of shit and has come out on top as a boss ass bitch. She is the love of my life and even though I go through allot of things never fails to be there for me through all the times, good and bad. Dana, if you ever read this know I will never stop loving you and that I wanna spend the rest of my life being a complete dumbass with you. And the fact that I know you feel the same makes it somehow even better. I love you sunshine.
by Bun :3 October 8, 2019
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Dana is a very great person to have in your life she is a very great friend and you never what to lose her she can be nice angry mad and badass I love her a lot
by Pigletlove January 10, 2018
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Dana is the sweetest, cuttest, and just a downright badass. She is fun to be around and has a great seance of humor. She can make a joke about anything. Also she can't stay mad at a person for a long period of time. She is very attractive and easy to fall in love with. She is the person you just want to marry. And Dana will forever love the Power Puff Girls
"Damn she must be a Dana because she sure is cute."
by mike2542 April 30, 2013
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Dana is wonderful, she is perfect, her only floor is her stubbornness which can pursuit to something good or bad. She is the most caring and magnificent creature on the planet. Trying to mend a broken heart and love again. If you know a Dana you should feel blessed. She also doesn't like to sleep. She must be from god himself.
Did you hear the heavens have sent a Dana?
by Not Alex :-) February 27, 2013
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Dana (Day-Na) is the word that defines as a completely powerful person who is not consumed by power and still has empathy. Danas are extremely competent in all aspects, intellegent, respectful, and well-mannered. Not only are they also very beautiful creatures, they have a good sense of humor. Dana does NOT come from Danae or Diana or Diane, in fact. Dana is a word all on itself, created to define awesome people.
Person A has found the cure for cancer.

Person B : "Wow, Person A! You are SUCH a Dana!"
by The Danaest Person Ever February 2, 2006
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Dana is most likely going to be a short yet funny person. She is kind but if you mess with her or her friends that you’re going to get beat down! Don’t let her height fool you!
P1: “Wow did you see how that girl beat someone up?!” P2:“Yeah, she must be a Dana
by cheesecake10462 April 23, 2018
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