The act of shitting a turd so long it hits the water before completely exiting the anus.
Huzzah! Dudes, guess who just mede a touchdown!
by Simon April 20, 2006
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to arrive, to pull up, to pop out, to slide, to roll through, to display one's presence
when I touchdown, all my dawgs come out when the sun down - YELLO DICAPRIO
by benedict chan June 12, 2021
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When you lay down a brick so long it touches the toilet/water at the same time it touches your ass, and makes kindof a connection, like a touchdown.
Damn, that brick was so freaking huge I touchdowned it!
by BoleBjorn April 25, 2006
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when a nigga ain't all-the-way retarded, just got a touch of Down's
Chris Brown looks like a touchdown in his video "Run it."I'm convinced the child is mildly retarded.
by jaysun October 17, 2005
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Expression often used by men when they reach an orgasm during sexual intercourse.
- "Oh yeah baby...."
-"mmmm... aaahhh... You fuck my pussy so good!!!"
-Oh my God oh my God!!! Ohh Yeah! TOUCHDOWN BABY!!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!!"
by ChristianTroy November 14, 2006
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it means when you get ready to have sexual relations with a woman or man
by Bridget February 3, 2005
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Somebody who has a shit and pukes up at the same time
HAHA!! Look at him! he just had a touchdown!
by revolution December 7, 2004
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