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An extremely handsome, caring guy. Amazing boyfriend material, loving and sweet. "Tonies" have great listening skills, and will lay around with you for hours. Will write sweet notes, and never forget an anniversary or birthday. Capable of making even the worst days better, and cute enough to kiss, a Tony is the best kind of guy.
As a friend, they are the most fun to be around. They know all the funniest YouTube videos, and are the best at every video game. Can talk about anything with them for hours, and never get bored. Very loyal, and always willing to help out.
A Tony is a very independent, strong-willed guy with a good head on his shoulders and a smile on his chiseled jawline. He's optimistic and cheerful, and has a beautiful smile.
Any girl would be LUCKY to get a Tony.
"Hey Michelle, I heard that you got a new guy. He seems really cool, what's his name?"
-"Oh, that's Tony. He's amazing, I know."
by I.Wont.Give.Up.On.Us. November 14, 2012
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Is an amazing brother but can be a pain in the ass, Is a lovable guy and is someone everyone would be lucky to have in their life. Keels their siblings safe and loves them in every possible way.
Tony is an amazing brother to me.
by Definition of Tony June 22, 2017
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Annoying but in a good way. Really funny.adorable in a really childish way. The most amazing person you can ever meet.sometimes special
That guy is so Tony
by John BobAli June 19, 2015
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An amazing, thoughtful, kind guy who cares about you and knows how to cheer you up when you're down... Funny, gorgeous and the most amazing, awesome person to walk the earth.
See that hot guy, thats a Tony
by the mystery one December 25, 2011
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when something is good. great, awesome. exceptional. cool.
like tony the tiger from Frosted Flakes.
Man i just got a new car that shit is so tony.
by Tonythe Tiger May 20, 2008
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A handsome man with an amazing tan body and a smile you can see from a mile. He is willing to do anything and everything for the woman he loves and lets nothing come between him and his girl. He has a heart of gold and smells absolutely delicious and has the softest skin that you could touch and caress all day and night. He has his crazy moments but still manages to make a girl fall head over heels for him. His touch is unbearable and has an unbelievable large penis that is very very very satisfying in bed. He is pretty much the most awesome most lucky man in the world and i wouldn't change a damn thing about him.
tony is out of this world
by theoneandonlycarabear June 21, 2009
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This is a noun used to describe a man with certain characteristics. These include mental and physical strength, the overwhelming desire to do the best he can in everything he does, including giving pleasure to his sexual partner, an over-sized penis and testicles, the ability to drink massive quantities of beer, and the total lack of fear in most situations.
"That guy Tony is a badass."

"Tony stole my girlfriend twice!"

"I heard one time Tony kicked Chuck Norris' ass!"
by t_doffing July 18, 2009
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