Tony is real and is a person you can trust. Tony makes everyone feel happy he does not bring any negative energy. He has a great sense of humor and is smexy as hell and he is taken by a beautiful girl. tony can be very anti social because people are "weird" Tony is the smart one of the group and is cautious of what he is doing. Tony is a love able person and will never cross you due to his big heart. He will always be by your side.
"Mannn ... i can always count on tony "

"OMG !! Tony has always had my back "
by ...bbe April 6, 2020
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The actual definition of, cute and the smoothest talker you'll ever meet and if he wants your number you give it to him and he's always buying you something nice or being polite.
All the ladies loooovve Tony.
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An amazing, thoughtful, kind guy who cares about you and knows how to cheer you up when you're down... Funny, gorgeous and the most amazing, awesome person to walk the earth.
See that hot guy, thats a Tony
by the mystery one December 25, 2011
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Tony’s often make decisions with little to no thinking. This trait causes most Tony’s to break stuff and have frequent injuries. They often use the phrases “that’s tuff” and “yes sir”.Most Tony’s think they are good at everything but in reality they are really not. They like to joke around and whenever you hang out with a Tony it’s always an adventure
Don’t give Tony your pencil he might break it
Tony you broke your arm again?!
Is that a new phone?
by swim4life05 January 21, 2020
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"Why not" backwards ( Tony = Y not)
"Hey wanna play some football?"
by AngryAsian May 9, 2015
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Sweet caring man who has a rockin body and will make love to you until the sun goes down and rises again. He will buy you anything he can in his power and would give you the world if he could. He enjoys video games and picking on his girlfriend. He will love with everything he has and is always faithful and ready to love you.
Tony is loving- in love give you all
by LucylouF December 17, 2012
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when something is good. great, awesome. exceptional. cool.
like tony the tiger from Frosted Flakes.
Man i just got a new car that shit is so tony.
by Tonythe Tiger May 21, 2008
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