Jeramiah is a very handsome male figure, whom often has a lot of people that wants him, Jeramiah is sweet and kind and loves to have fun! But once you get on his bad side he will BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF YOU!, but Jeramiah is one of the best people to be around! If you know a Jeramiah you should love and cherish him because he’s a loyal one
Omg I freaking love Jeramiah so much
by Katielovesyou May 31, 2018
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Jeramiah is an incredibly sweet friend. He will be there for you no matter what. But he is an incredible man whore . Because hella girls want him he decides to fuck around with their feelings or even their pussys. In conclusion, he’s a good friend not a good boyfriend.
I wish me and jeramiah would’ve stayed friends, i wish i never knew the cheating side of him.
by babyyyyyyygirl February 11, 2019
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A ''jeramiah'' is a male that has a vagina
Jeramiah has a vagina! I thought he was a boy!
by TheTruthTeller69420 August 02, 2020
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very short mild manered hobbit with a giant face mole no hair on head(both) tiny penis giant bush likes pall mall menthols and apple juice
i am not a jeramiah.
by whitehammer69 May 27, 2014
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Jizzyjermwittheperm that’s him. Pretty boy gangsta that’s him. He is that guy. Jeramiah is all around a perfect person to be around.
by PrettyboygangstaJizzyJermWTP September 16, 2021
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