A person of inadequate sanity or lacking normal perceptions of reality
by Anonymous October 5, 2003
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The act of sucking on another's ball sac, aka nuts. This term is related to the term blow job.
I asked my girlfriend to give me a nut job, but she wouldn't because my sac was too hairy.
by vwallac October 4, 2006
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A movie in which several individuals (frieze, barris, etc) endure nut-wrenching pain, all for the amusement of others. Footballs, croquet sticks, and good ol' tappers are the weapons of choice. As you may suspect, hilarity ensues. The movie started out as being called "tapper day," but when a typo caused the title to come out "tapper dan," it was decided that the movie needed a new title, because, well. . . tapper dan is just stupid. :D
Oh MAN!! Nut Job is the funniest movie EVER!! When frieze gets hit in the blz with that football, there's a slow-mo replay to "Take my Breath Away!"
by frieze August 8, 2003
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1.a nasty person in the sexual sense of the word nasty.
2.An insult used towards a female/male when referring to her/him as a slut, to being highly sexually active and or guilty of participating in what is to be seen as unusual sex acts.
"That nasty b**** is nothing more than a nut job."
"So what you f***ed madd girls Tommy, that just makes you a nut job."
"ILL your room is a nut job!Don't you think its time to like CLEAN IT!!??"
by MakneJerkNU February 25, 2005
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Oral sex concentrating on the balls rather than the penis.
I watched "The Nut Job" at the cinema while getting "the nut job" from my girlfriend.
by Hello there man! January 16, 2014
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I saw this defined multiple times, and all of the 5 definitions I poured over had gotten a large negative vote spree. So I thought that this would help anyone who has to be looking for the definition of a "Nut job"

The "Nut Job" has nothing to do with Sexuality. It is completely and utterly the term used to describe a Maniac, Just like a Nut Case.

In other words, it is an old man or stalker that has lost his mind; Or just a Hyperactive person that is all over the place and always looking for fun

(I don't always use the term do this example is going to be crappy)
Person: "Did you see that old man walking down the street?"

DesertedChrome: "Yeah, I heard about him. He got arrested for multiple charges. He's a Nut Job"
by ArtificialPenguins February 26, 2012
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The act of wanking your partner with your ballsack, using only butter as a lubricant.
''Hey dude, Billy gave me a really good Nut Job last night, I think I may be gay''
''What the fuck Richard''
by Captain Noot Noot January 19, 2019
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