Among middle and high schoolers, it basically means asking somebody to become your boyfriend/ girlfriend, or just simply taking friendship up to another level. After asking/ being asked out, he/ she will give you a hug after class or when he/ she sees you, and probably tell friends about it.
Bob: "I wanna ask out that girl in our german class."
by Chantalmyfriend October 29, 2008
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When one person asks another person out on a date. In heterosexual situations, it is usually the man who asks the girl out. When the man and woman have been on enough dates or have gotten to know eachother well enough, the guy will usually ask the girl to be his steady girlfriend. date
So I heard mike is going to ask out tracy.

When I asked that girl out she was totally into it.
by Lilparkczar November 2, 2007
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Simple rules that will help you along the way of asking a female out. Sometimes, a woman knows she likes you but 1 or more of the following reasons

could be preventing her from going out with you.

#1 Make sure you are NOT an associate(Friend, family) of any of her ex's.
#2 Make sure you are NOT an associte(Friend,family,) of any of her enemies.
#3 Always try to be a friend first, a loyal friend.
#4 Make her feel important to you, not just a fling.
#5 Try not to use awkward questions or sarcasm, always be sincere, speak from the heart.
#6 It would help if you don't start any drama.
#7 Don't give up.
Jane: Hey, I started flirting with John, I really like John but I think he's friends with my ex. Can't
go out with him because of this.

Summer: Oh, no, they are ex friends.

John: Hey Jane, I really wanted to ask out this weekend, lets go see a movie as friends.

Jane: Ok, sounds perfect.
by MindfulLove February 12, 2013
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Be brave and ask people u like out until u get a yes
If u like someone or multiple people go for it ask them out and do t be shy just show them this if they question it - ask out day
by Gravitydefier April 16, 2019
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Say " can I talk to you privately? " if he said yes say "do you want to go out with me?" If he said no you say "OK fine." And walk away. Its OK I got you covered. You could plot revenge but that's a little harsh
Can you tell me how to ask out a boy ?
That boy is so cute and I really like him! I should learn how to ask out a boy
by Lolz cuz why not? January 13, 2017
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On April 12 ask out your crush and see if they like you to. Don’t be a pussy just do it you might actually finally get a girlfriend/boyfriend
by Zoee kabobs April 12, 2018
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