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your partner through think and thin. someone who will always help you out, no matter the situation.
Did you get the money??? My Nigga!!
by Cleetus Wilburn December 10, 2001
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More than a best-friend. Someone that will do anything, anytime, anywhere for you because it's you. Your right hand man.(or women)
Person 1: Why did you help Kouvaris fight?

Person 2: Cause that's my nigga thats why!Now let's go smoke one!
by Kevin Jones January 25, 2005
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A general term of endearment towards your friends and family.
Used to express happiness, and greet your loved ones.
Shay- Ryan!My nigga my nigga my nigga!
by Shayismyhero. February 01, 2006
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Typically used with people of color, a friend that you hang out with and trust; The friend that has your back and is looking out for you even when you are wrong; Your homie; Your Bro; Your Partner in Crime; Your Dawg; Ace Duece; Your Boy, Always Down For the Cause; the one you get loaded with and chill.
"That's my nigga! I didn't even see the po po across the street! Good lookin'out!"
by richeerich July 12, 2009
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A term of endearment between black men populated by the song: YG - My Nigga (Explicit) ft. Jeezy, Rich Homie Quan.

Due to the use of the racially sensitive word "nigga" white people are socially prohibited from using this phrase in the company of anyone that does not constitute a close friend or family member hence why there are no white people in the music video.
Young Jeezy: "Just know I'm down with the niggas down for me. I got two words for you, love and loyalty."

Whilst listening to YG song My Nigga, John scans his environment before telling Bill: "Bill, your my nigga; I've got your back."

As Bill is about to respond in a similar style with an unusually heavy ghetto accent he spots a black man heading towards him. Bill clears his throat and says: "Thanks John, I love you too bro.*

*Black man walks past and having overheard Bill he then proceeds to roll his eyes and exclaim*: "Man that shits whack!"
by MrSmooth January 20, 2014
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A term of endearment that is used in a congratulatory context. Denzel Washington´s character Det. Alonzo Harris used the phrase several times in the movie, Training Day..The equivalent to ¨Dude, you rock!¨, or ¨Attaboy¨
¨I just got off piyli, I´m about to get my hustle on and cheddar up!
¨My Nigga!...

¨Hey, I got my income tax, and I flipped it to get this new whip!¨
¨My Nigga!¨
by Smoovy Loc April 21, 2009
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