your partner through think and thin. someone who will always help you out, no matter the situation.
by Cleetus Wilburn December 10, 2001
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A general term of endearment towards your friends and family.
Used to express happiness, and greet your loved ones.
by Shayismyhero. February 01, 2006
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My fellow African-American my fellow African-American
Tyrone: Aye my nigga my nigga wuss poppin

Keyshone: ma thot b suckin ma dick doe mane
by Yo momma is thuggin November 24, 2013
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More than a best-friend. Someone that will do anything, anytime, anywhere for you because it's you. Your right hand man.(or women)
Person 1: Why did you help Kouvaris fight?

Person 2: Cause that's my nigga thats why!Now let's go smoke one!
by Kevin Jones January 25, 2005
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