your partner through think and thin. someone who will always help you out, no matter the situation.
Did you get the money??? My Nigga!!
by Cleetus Wilburn December 11, 2001
My nigga
My nigga
by Bruhbitchhg May 9, 2021
A general term of endearment towards your friends and family.
Used to express happiness, and greet your loved ones.
by Shayismyhero. February 2, 2006
My fellow African-American my fellow African-American
Tyrone: Aye my nigga my nigga wuss poppin

Keyshone: ma thot b suckin ma dick doe mane
by Yo momma is thuggin November 24, 2013
More than a best-friend. Someone that will do anything, anytime, anywhere for you because it's you. Your right hand man.(or women)
Person 1: Why did you help Kouvaris fight?

Person 2: Cause that's my nigga thats why!Now let's go smoke one!
by Kevin Jones January 26, 2005