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The cigarette old men smoke when they have grown weary of this hackneyed life that has forgotten all about them for a world of neon lights and plastic imports.
Lighting a match and applying it to the end of the Pall Mall cigarette, Charles remembered smoking these during the war: unfiltered, just as he inhaled them now, eyes focused squarely on the past.
"Take me now, God," he implored to the heavens.
"Not happening," said God.
by Josef with an F October 17, 2007
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1. A classic cigarette dating to 1899. The original unfiltered Pall Mall in the red soft-pack was the number one selling brand in the US through the mid 60s because of its distinctive smooth flavor, and high quality tobacco, and is still available today (now produced by RJ Reynolds tobacco company). Pall Mall was an innovative brand at the time that set the standard for the length of cigarettes ued today by introducing 85mm β€œKing Size” and 100mm β€œ100s” (also known as β€œlongs”). The brand fell into decline by remaining unfiltered even when filter cigarettes started to dominate the market starting in the late 60s and 70s.

2. A discount filter cigarette produced today by RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company (Originally Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation before the merger of the two companies). Launched in 2001 by Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation to revitalize the Pall Mall name and bring it to modern standards of filter cigarettes.
I love Pall Mall unfiltered for their unique taste, but the filter ones are just average.
by Chain-Smoker October 27, 2006
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A rich, full-flavored cigarette that is best enjoyed unfiltered, smooth taste and unsurpassed quality.
Steve reached into his back pocket and withdrew a single Pall Mall, lighting it up as his pencil-necked liberal buddies coughed and told him to put it out. Pansies.
by STS February 26, 2005
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I-am (smoking) a Pall Mall
Pall Mall -( Excuse) me ( Miss) Do you happen to have a Pall Mall?
by Miss purr February 22, 2019
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a cigarette that tastes good with the first two in a pack and you stick with it , then it tastes average , with every other one tasting like shit pumped into an airtight room and left for thirty years.
''pass me another one of my menthols bro''


''ah god that tastes toxic bro ''

''thats why you don''t buy pall mall''
by 800chickens February 19, 2013
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A shitty ass cheap menthol cigerette for ppl that are too cheap to buy marlboros.
Skittles choked on his pall mall at the bus stop and had a seazure and rolled into the road n got creamed by his own bus.
by Mikeee420 July 24, 2006
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