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Aaliyah is a beautiful woman, one that will make your head turn and have you staring at her for an eternity. A smart and wise girl as well, she can tell if you like her (and will finish your sentence when you proceed to tell her how you feel). Very funny and different from the rest, that's what makes her attractive, aside from her beauty. She might have a past or a history, that's what makes her who she is. She's the kind of girl you want to marry, and spend the rest of your life with, because the relationship you have with her is so great and amazing. A girl you can hold and kiss all day, you better keep her and prove your worth or else some other man will.
Malcolm: Yo, I know Aaliyah and I are great friends, but I really want for us to be more than that....I think I love her.

Sam: Yeah, you and her are always making fun of each other or having a lot of fun, that's amazing. Do you really care for her?

Malcolm: Yeah, I really do. I want to show her, but I feel like I can't. She has that history with that other guy, but I just know he can't do it like I can.

Sam: Show her then; prove your worth.
by ADallasCowboy October 29, 2012
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She's beautiful. She doesn't realize how beautiful she is. She may have a lot of enemies, but none of them stand a chance against her. Boys if you're reading this: take care of her! Don't let her go. Show her that you care!
by Baby girl Jenny February 21, 2016
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A Aaliyah is one of the cutest, sweetest, deepest, craziest girls out there. She's a one of a kind catch and is always there for you. She gives some of the best advice and is one of the best writers. A Aaliyah can make anyone smile or laugh at anytime of the day. Hold on to a Aaliyah if you have one!!!! She can easily captivate people from either sex, but usually never realizes it. But, watch out if you cross her she will bite back.
Friend 1: Hey I saw a really sweet girl today who got my boyfriends attention
Friend 2: Oh, she must be name Aaliyah
by LilFalcon January 19, 2012
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An Aaliyah is a beautiful, sweet, and caring kind of girl. She is always willing to do things to help others. An Aaliyah is a type of girl you should date. She is always there for whoever needs her and she can't really hold a grudge for long. If you find an Aaliyah keep her forever.
Person 1: there's this girl and I really like her and she is really pretty and funny but idk how to ask her out...
Person 2: well I'm guessing her name is Aaliyah and ask her out in a sweet and caring way, she likes that.
by An Aaliyah lover November 03, 2013
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A girl that's one of a kind, the most rare female on the face of the earth, the kind that every boy dreams about, the kind that you long for, the kind that you think is out of this world. Well, I found her, and she's in a league of her own...You know, she's that hot lady you saw that day at the grocery store, that lady you wish you had. She's the pretty girl in that movie you saw. She's the girl behind the microphone when you listen to your music and this angelic voice is heard. She's the kind of perfect girl that you think about when you're beating off in your bedroom late at night. Haha, but really, I'm serious. She's a stone cold fox, and she's the girl responsible for the heat on those hot summer days, she's like, uber hot. Really. She thinks of others and helps out a lot. She loves kids and enjoys music. She is very romantic in every way. If you break her heart she will be broken . She is the most beautiful female. She is a goddess in every way. She is quite a performer. She has a tendency of singing.
Dude I wish I had an Aaliyah as my girlfriend.
by idkidc10101010 January 23, 2017
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The most amazing girl ever who is really nice to her boyfriend and is the best bestie ever. She is really cool and pretty and she loves to be around people. If u meet an Aaliyah, become friends with her because she is awesome in every way :) She is the bestest friend anyone could ask for!!!
Aaliyah is SO cool
by LOLOL HA LOL HA March 19, 2013
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