She's beautiful. She doesn't realize how beautiful she is. She may have a lot of enemies, but none of them stand a chance against her. Boys if you're reading this: take care of her! Don't let her go. Show her that you care!
by Baby girl Jenny February 21, 2016
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A fine girl with beautiful hair. Aaliyah is beautiful but crazy! She is mean but kind. Aaliyah is not a fake ass bitch. Aaliyah laughs in the face of danger. Aaliyah gets mad when people talk shit... But she keeps her cool. Aaliyah can whoop your ass. Aaliyah is just an all around cool and attractive lady.
Damn, you're so fine, I thought you were Aaliyah!
by Moneytakrr December 19, 2016
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An Aaliyah is a beautiful, sweet, and caring kind of girl. She is always willing to do things to help others. An Aaliyah is a type of girl you should date. She is always there for whoever needs her and she can't really hold a grudge for long. If you find an Aaliyah keep her forever.
Person 1: there's this girl and I really like her and she is really pretty and funny but idk how to ask her out...
Person 2: well I'm guessing her name is Aaliyah and ask her out in a sweet and caring way, she likes that.
by An Aaliyah lover November 3, 2013
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Aaliyah is a very beautiful person that is different from the rest, she's unique in many ways and has has a resting bitch face witch makes every one question if she's happy or not. Aaliyah can be a very outgoing person she is also a very funny person that tends to joke around a lot, thou she jokes around a lot she is a straight forward person who dose not give two shits about how that ppl feel about her. She is not the type too go call every one her best friend she finds it annoying .....overall shes a great friend\person and you will fall in love with her personality when u get to know her
Random girl: Aaliyah r u mad

Aaliyah: No that's just my face
by Chastity hall March 15, 2017
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The most amazing girl ever who is really nice to her boyfriend and is the best bestie ever. She is really cool and pretty and she loves to be around people. If u meet an Aaliyah, become friends with her because she is awesome in every way :) She is the bestest friend anyone could ask for!!!
Aaliyah is SO cool
by LOLOL HA LOL HA March 19, 2013
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Aaliyah is a bad ass bitch with life changing goals. Is highly in love with Law & Order and is fine as hell. Has a bad temper but knows how to control it and is deeply in love with food
Get you an Aaliyah ya whore, she's great.
by baby_03 July 17, 2017
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A name for female, Meaning is artistic , beautiful, coincided about her beauty, dress attire on fleek
Aaliyah's beauty is outstanding to other female she is a role model to young women.
by Stephantie January 7, 2015
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