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very good/fly (in relation to clothes, cars, bling, and style)
man, yo lookin fresh tonight!!
bitch don't touch my fresh-self!
by princess D October 30, 2003
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the whale tail is the shape formed when a g-string rides up high over a womans trousers
oh my god look at that butt, her whale tail is showing so high!
by garv November 10, 2003
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FRESH- adjective/slang
This word originated during the 80's hip hop era in New York hip hop culture.

It was used to describe something new or nice.

FRESH (2015)
Used as a substitute word for something that is free. Can also still be used in it's original form to describe something new or nice.
Person A: "The MTA has free shuttle buses! We don't have to pay a fare to ride!"

Person B: "That's what's up! So we gonna be riding fresh!
Fresh- New

"I got a fresh ride! Traded in my 2003 Camry for a 2016 Corolla!"

Fresh- Nice, fly, dope!
"That hairstyle is fresh! It really brings out your swag!"
by blue kicks December 07, 2015
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Cool, or how someone carrys themselves; how well dressed and fashionable a person is.
For an old man he's really fly. I've never ever seen him not looking fresh!
by talk2me-JCH May 06, 2021
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fresh is cool you cannot get any cooler than being fresh.
"Wow stretch is so fresh!"
"I know I wish I was as fresh as him!"
by fresh rabbit October 26, 2014
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Brand new either clothing, a car, (something materialistic.)
"yo that new whip is fresh af" or "damn those new kicks are fresh af"
by BigPimppin6906 November 16, 2017
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