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A beautiful girl with a curious mind that leads her into all kinds of troubles. A friend to all with no time to herself. A philanthropist in every way. The person to seek out for she will have the answer. Eclectic, Full of life, but not without trials to come.
Kahlan is eclectic, she enjoys anything that would help her to learn. Think : Artist, musician, explorer, teacher, student
by Dvirr February 02, 2010
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A person who is smart, creative,likes to have fun, and above all would do anything to protect that one person that they love. They are mostly mature unless someone cracks a "that what she said" joke. In there teenage years will start to become someone there not and need their friends help. They will joke about death because there sacred of it. They don't know what they identify as but most of the time it Bisexual or Pan-sexual. Will question there existence many times a day. Probably has a book were they write down things that trouble them. Also follows a Porn- blog of there favorite OTP. ( is a giant meme lord and 1/5 kahlan are super kinky)

Also will have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Hate when people stare at them and get flustered easily.
Boy: You see them over there?
Girl: Yeah what about them.
Boy: There probably fucking reading so kinky shit.
Girl: yeah your right. Lets just leave Kahlan alone.
by a gay meme lord February 02, 2017
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Kahlan is someone who is very funny, they feel very strongly about what they believe in, and they are usually a great friend. They are usually very social and hot. They are usually creative and are leaders, they come out with unique ideas and people tend to follow.

Kahlan's usually have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, and they are noticed a lot. Kahlan's can be crazy but in a fun lovable way.
Guy 1: "man look at Kahlan she is looking hot!"
Guy 2: "yeah, I'll say! Look at that bod!"
by Banana27_000 August 05, 2018
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Kahlans are amazing people and even better friends, they are very sexy, and make amazing girlfriends and wifes, they choose the best boyfriends and are great performers, they are very clever and adventurous, a kahlan is very loved ( usualy by people named Tiago)
Boy 1: hey isn't kahlan hot today
Boy 2: yeah I wish I could date her
Tiago: well screw u guys because I already am :P
Boy 1 and 2: u lucky bastard!
by kahlan_lover_ tiago June 26, 2011
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Is the best fortnite player. Better than Ninja, Myth and Tefue. She is really hot and is married to a Bella. She is apart of a loli clan, preferably a Reynaldo clan in keeping the lolis safe in all of America. The Erika is a loli that she protects, for Reynaldo. A Kahlans job is very important and also she gets hella more woman than a Ethan cause he is gay.
Kahlan: Ez dub

Ethan: ur bad

Kahlan:posts this on urban dictionary to get him mad
by Loli Hunter 101 September 30, 2018
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