Contraction of ‘about’. Often used in social media conversation to reduce effort.
yo wtf u talkin abt he ain’t like that.
by vormes February 7, 2020
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<Shinosuke> wtf r u talking abt.
<Person1> j00 momma dumbass!
by Shinosuke May 13, 2004
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-Let's play a game of DotA.
-Okay, abt.
by Tantrum Tabulev November 5, 2011
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ABT is the name of a crew, and stands for Always Burnin Treez, referring to smoking a lot of marijuana. These little loccs are from San Jose and Santa Cruz CA that smoke a lot of marijuana, do graffiti, and skate. They are quite Locc To Da Brain as well.
Damn those fools from ABT came through and straight mollywhopped that faggot DJ
by whhahtttt September 8, 2009
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abt is an abbreviation for "Anything But Trump," reflecting the 2016 presidential campaign.
Person A: Man, did you see the polls?
Person B: Ikr. Abt, am I right?
by AniSkywalker September 17, 2015
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Is he an ABC? No, he's an ABT.
by abtwill August 14, 2006
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Awkward Boner Time

When one experiences a boner for no reason, or at a really inappropriate time.
Kayla: Hey Theo, let's go to BME!
Theo: Can't. ABT.
Kayla: Ok, I'll go see Jesse in the elevator then.

Kayla: Theo, do you have an ABT?
Theo: Maybe...
Kayla: I'll take care of it, no visitors for you!
by ryEng April 7, 2009
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