Putting Nutella on a guy's penis and licking it all off. Yum.
"ONG, I gave my boyfriend a nut job last night. It was delicious."
by Jellybean16 September 28, 2014
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A person of inadequate sanity or lacking normal perceptions of reality
by Anonymous October 5, 2003
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Oral sex concentrating on the balls rather than the penis.
I watched "The Nut Job" at the cinema while getting "the nut job" from my girlfriend.
by Hello there man! January 16, 2014
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I saw this defined multiple times, and all of the 5 definitions I poured over had gotten a large negative vote spree. So I thought that this would help anyone who has to be looking for the definition of a "Nut job"

The "Nut Job" has nothing to do with Sexuality. It is completely and utterly the term used to describe a Maniac, Just like a Nut Case.

In other words, it is an old man or stalker that has lost his mind; Or just a Hyperactive person that is all over the place and always looking for fun

(I don't always use the term do this example is going to be crappy)
Person: "Did you see that old man walking down the street?"

DesertedChrome: "Yeah, I heard about him. He got arrested for multiple charges. He's a Nut Job"
by ArtificialPenguins February 26, 2012
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The act of wanking your partner with your ballsack, using only butter as a lubricant.
''Hey dude, Billy gave me a really good Nut Job last night, I think I may be gay''
''What the fuck Richard''
by Captain Noot Noot January 19, 2019
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The act of sucking on another's ball sac, aka nuts. This term is related to the term blow job.
I asked my girlfriend to give me a nut job, but she wouldn't because my sac was too hairy.
by vwallac October 4, 2006
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The peeling of nut film performed by nutters in a Nut Salon for a fee of half, moldy nuts.
1. I have a 3pm appointment at the South Hill Nut Salon tomorrow for a Nut-Job, but I need some half, moldy nuts to pay the nutters. And I need a lot because I haven't gotten my Spring Cleaning in over a year. Stupid nut film.
by TheNutters2008 July 11, 2008
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