Willingness to be flexible in the workplace; Pliable; Bendable.

Has a sidekick named Pokey.
When my manager called me into work while I was on vacation, I showed up and saluted saying "Gumby here reporting for duty, sir."
by Anonymous March 04, 2003
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A derogatory slang term used to describe heavy metal fans; particularly fans of the NWOBHM style and anything deemed classic metal, tap-esque or stonehenge-rock related. Range limited today to Finland (esp), Sweden, Norway, Germany and Eastern Europe.
1) Look at that gumby wank..ha ha.

2) Who likes Hawkwind, you gumby fuck?
by Soilent Pants October 17, 2003
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somebody that has a severe problem between their brain and their limbs...run like a paraplegic...drop things all the time...miss their nose and poke their eye...cant aim...unco-ordinated in a way that everybody sees that something is wrong, but dont know what it is...well its because theyre GUMBY
cant you catch the ball you gumby cunt:
hey that gumby chick tripped over her own feet:
i asked for body art and the gumby shit managed to blind me block my nose and paint my tongue with thinners, get the drift?
by stevo November 28, 2004
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