Saying "don't step in the..." followed by another word is a non-vulgar way of equating the thing denoted by that other word with shit. Used to good effect in the title and cover illustration of the Dilbert book known as "Don't Step In The Leadership".

(Another sense of the phrase makes it shorthand for don't step on your dick.)
"This is my boyfriend's roommate's 'studio'. Don't step in the art."
by NajwaLaylah July 27, 2008
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What someone would say at someone treading on someone else's claimed areas, cutting someone off, inhibiting someone's progress, messing up someone else's effort, giving the short end of the stick, flirting with a friends romantic interest, etc
Waitress: hey don't step on my toes, I'm trying to get a promotion. I need to bring my A game today so just stay out of my way. Okay? :)
Waiter 2: No problem, do your thing :)
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
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When you just finished spilling the tea and you don't want the person you gossiped with to spread the news.
Okay, I have a crush on Ryan, but don't let anyone step in the tea
by Euphronios May 4, 2018
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