fuck it all fuck this world fuck everything that we stand for don't belong don't exist don't interfere
Bob : "Hey tomorrow is Sunday"
George : "Sundays suck"
Bob : "You're right, everything sucks, fuck everything"
by eru777 April 12, 2008
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It’s a “Justin” moment, it means more than just sayingfuck everything” in a more respectful way.
by Fuckthatshit February 5, 2023
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Basically what you do when you're in deep shit, namely when you've been or are about to be v&.
After Ricky was caught with CP on his comp, he decided to cover his tracks as best he could, which was to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING.
Used when you want everything that ever existed to know that you are not a fan; FML's crazy cousin
Most commonly expressed as an angry exclamation.
Occasionally abbreviated as "FEE."
Person 1: "How's your research paper going?"
Person 2: "I'm going to start researching tonight. I mean, we still have, what, two weeks?"
Person 1: "If by two weeks you mean two days, then yes."
Person 2: "Fuck everything ever!"
by UpSideRight July 25, 2011
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The ultimate drama queen/attention seeker; likes to be at the centre of social scenes; tends to be bossy; delusional at times; prone to hissy fits; sulks when things are not going her/his way.
...he/she thinks they're the Queen of fucking everything
eg. Elton John, Kerry Katona, Katie Price, Jodie Marsh.
by SophieT January 23, 2011
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On the day of April 12th, it's National fuck everything that walks day. Taken or not, be prepared to be fucked or get fucking.
"Alright class, today is National fuck everything that walks day, time to do your laps".
by VaskoKnows April 11, 2018
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